Easy Ways to Make Your Period More Manageable

There are few things as uncomfortable as having a period. Hormonal changes, bloating, cramps, muscle aches, mood swings, cravings, and fatigue can take a toll on even the best of us, and it’s not possible to remain unaffected by them


However, there’s hope out there and several ways to make your period more manageable, including the following tips and advice:

Use heat for comfort and pain relief

You can find relief and comfort by applying heat to the area. A heating pad, warm compress, or a nice long soak in the tub can go a long way toward pain relief and making your period more comfortable because it relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. It’s important to understand how much pain and discomfort are natural, however, and when it’s time to seek medical attention.

Find ways to fully relax and unwind

A great tip to make your period more manageable is to find ways to relax and unwind in different ways. Find different ways to relax both your body and mind, allowing your muscles to stretch, let go, and reduce pain, while also bringing you mental and emotional peace. There are different ways to unwind, including practicing yoga, stretching, meditating, and even gentle exercise. All of these different methods contribute to a more zen state of mind--and body--which can go a long way in making your period easier. Your body is less stressed, your emotions are more balanced, and you feel more comfortable overall.

 A woman smiles and looks happy while on her period.

Eat wholesome, healthy, delicious food

Your period is the perfect time to nourish your body and fuel it with nutritious, wholesome food. Apart from indulging in your favorite chocolates, snacks, potato chips, and other treats, make sure that you’re getting plenty of hormone-helping foods like leafy greens, healthy fats, lots of fruit and veggies, and adequate hydration. Cut back on caffeine and processed foods that will make your period pain and cramps worse, and be sure to balance your junk food consumption with healthy foods too!

Catch up on rest, and don’t exert yourself

While exercising on your period offers a wide range of benefits and is not something you should skip out on, rest is equally important. Don’t over-exert yourself and push your body to perform the way it usually does; do what feels good, even if it means catching up on a nap instead of breaking a sweat at the gym.

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