Simple Necessit-Ease, Inc.

Simple Necessit-Ease, Inc.

Established by GRACE SOOHOO, SIMPLE NECESSIT-EASE INC. is committed to producing comfortable, fashionable garment pieces as convenient solutions to women’s everyday concerns. Marking its entry into the apparel market, the company, fully equipped with its own manufacturing facilities, launched PERIOD UNDIES in 2004. As necessity is the mother of invention, Simple Necessit-Ease Inc. specifically conceived this groundbreaking intimate apparel to provide additional protection for women during the height of their menstrual cycle.

Born in Argentina of Korean descent but raised in New York, Grace SooHoo is from a family of experienced clothing manufacturers. She briefly worked in media production but had always harbored idea of providing a solution to embarrassing leaks from periods. It was at a gathering with girlfriends in the early 1990s when the subject of problems caused by menstruation sparked the idea for Grace. She eventually produced a prototype that ultimately proved adequate, but too thick for her satisfaction. She realized that aside from its primary function, the product had to be comfortable and stylish as well. In time she allowed the project to take a back seat to marriage and children.

At the urging of the several women who had tested her prototype, Grace eventually picked up the project again, finally working out the initial hurdles by developing a slim, waterproof, breathable poly coated fabric concealed within the undergarment that proved soft and comfortable against the skin.

BFF Period Undies was then subjected to rigorous and meticulous testing in terms of withstanding multiple machine washings and stretching along with its ability to serve as an effective layer of protection for women during the heaviest days of their cycle.

Following its official launch in 2007, the initial response has been nothing less than enthusiastic surpassing even the company’s estimates of reaching young women as its initial target market. After a feature on the Tyra Banks show, the broad demographic of women throughout childbearing years is discovering the unique advantage of BFF Period Undies. Having endured a personal tragedy, Grace is dedicating a portion of online sales to Tyler’s Magical Rainbow Foundation in support of pediatric brain tumor research and scholarships.