Simple Necessit-Eas is the best washable incontinence underwear for men and women. We are proud to say our customers love us and this reflects in the testimonials and reviews below.

I recently had the opportunity of trying out the BFF Period Undies by Simple Necessit-Ease. Unfortunately, they were out of the Boyshorts, so I had to go with the Bikini Briefs. The Boyshorts are actually really cute, whereas the Bikini Briefs are a bit too.. granny for me. I tend to wear super tight jeans, and the pantyline tends to show with the briefs. The good news? They work!

Simple Necessit-Ease Review

Simple Necessit-EASE prides itself on marketing products that EASE the minds of millions of females. We have created a new nichin the feminine hygiene industry. Read More!

Interview with Grace SooHoo: CEO of Simple Necessit-Ease

It’s something every woman dreads, “that time of the month”. Now there’s a new solution in underwear that helps makes this dreadful week more comfortable. For myself personally, I have a very heavy menstrual flow thanks to endometrosis and my periods are a nightmare every month. From painful cramps, headaches, mood swings and of course those dreaded “leaks” the monthly thing is something I don’t enjoy. > read more

BFF Period Undies from Necessit-ease.com

A few months back, I was contacted by Grace from Simple Necessit-ease. I was sent a pair of their new BFF Period Undies to review. When I saw the website I was really excited about trying these out because they were such a unique product. I haven't seen any other product like this. > read more

Simple Necessit-ease BFF Period Undies Review

Ladies, you thought your underwear was doing its job — keeping your precious lady bits in place, modestly covered and safe from the elements. But you were wrong! You need underwear that does more, more, more! Especially when you’re on your period. May we suggest Simple Necessit-Ease undies? > read more

Simple Necessit-Ease Undies Will Waterproof Your Period

Thank you for the wonderful product. This will make our 7th and 8th pair...my grand daughter just could not live without them!

Bonnie, Martinsber

I ordered some of these for my teenage daughter last year, and she loves them so I'm ordering more!

Lorene, Katy

I found these in Calgary, Alberta and they did not have my size so here I am thanks so much.

Judith Capreol

I have searched for this type of underwear for a number of years, Finally I will have the protection I need. Thanks!

Brenda, Ontario

I was at an important meeting, I had my period and my sanitary pad was failing at the worst possible time. At the end of the meeting I was relieved to see that my period undie saved me from what could have been a humiliating situation.

Tracy, San Diego

My Period Undie is so comfortable I wear it when I think I’m about to get my period.

Brittany, New York

They are cotton, aside from the lining, so they're soft to the touch. I've bought a pair of Anigan brand, and found them too itchy to wear (polyester and sweaty). Definitely buy at least 1 size bigger than what you normally wear, if not 2. I'm normally a Medium or Large in VS, but bought an XL in these. They're just the right size.

Only thing I wish was different is that the waterproof lining in these DOESN'T extend to the front. It ends on the actual crotch part, where a pad would go. It would have been even better to extend it a little bit to the front, since accidents DO happen in that area.

Otherwise, these are pretty good based on the fabric, and with the correct size

Works Great!

By Kindle 

Ordered last spring. Got a medium because as warned, the fit is a little snug. Works GREAT. I use them on my heaviest day- no pad, just tampons- and have been saved again and again by these! Don't fall for the hype and pay a ton. These work great!

Comfortable back-up period panties

By Alesya Casse 

I need these due to unpredictable and often heavy periods. They have saved my clothes and sheets. I wish they had coverage in the front, but overall they are the most comfortable period panties I have found. I have several pair! Note - these are not Thinx. They are not absorbent and are not meant to be worn without other protection. They are meant as back-up and work well as back-up. If you rinse immediately, blood will come out, but if you don't get the chance to, it will stain (and never wash out). I discovered that the hard way with some tan undies. I pretty much use only black period undies now. They seem to hold up well in washing machine and dryer.

By Selkie 

Comfortable and functional. They are great for "Questionable" days. I ordered one pair to try and I'm back to buy more. (Wife of account holder)

By Anthony Schmitt

COMFY... that's enough for me. :)


These are amazing. I poured water over it to see if it really worked, and it does! I totally recommend these!

By mara dolan

Excellent product! I will definitely buy more!!

By Amazon


By Amazon

They work great!!! Very comfortable.

I absolutely love them. They pretty much feel like normal underwear.

By elizabeth

I’ve worn them three cycles now on my heaviest day - sleeping, working, running errands, etc and not had a leak. I was shocked. I absolutely love them. They pretty much feel like normal underwear. I will say that while I do enjoy 'free-bleeding', I also don't like sitting in a puddle, so I when I use the restroom, I wipe the blood off. But I do wear one pair all night for sleeping or most of the day working, and they're amazing! Buying more now actually :) I will say, buy two sizes up. I usually wear a med/large, and the large was a bit tight around the leg holes.

By None Ya 

Love it when I wake up and my sheet is clean, no blood stain at all. It is just a bit thicker than normal panties, and I wear it WITH pads, and it worksI love these as an extra layer of protection in addition ...

By Angelu Nguyen

How did I not know about these sooner? I can only guess it's because people don't talk about the subject often... These are perfect during that time when you feel a little unsure of how things down there are holding up. I recently ran a long trail race with them and nothing else since I was going to be in water and not near a bathroom and they worked perfectly even on a heavy day!

By Melissa

Helped out a lot and saved a beach vacation


I decided about 6 months ago to start running, and to my horror I found that I 'leaked' without even realizing it.. Yes, sneezing will do it, but running!? So I used reusable menstrual pads to try and absorb it all, but inevitably it leaked thru to my pants, not as bad as without the pad, of course. But that, for me, wasn't the real problem, it was the bulkiness of the pad. Running pants are always right and I was self-conscious that people could see the bulkiness.. So I tried these panties to prevent the leak-thru, but an added bonus was that the elasticity of the panties pulls the pad in nice and snug, no bulkiness!!! So, needless to say, I've bought more. I wore my first pair on my first 5k with no self-consciousness and no leaks!!! Win, win, win!!!

Running post partum perfect

These are great as a back-up for a menstrual cup or for a light flow day! They do run small. I need an extra-large even though I'm 14 lbs and usually wear medium.

By ren sakurai 

Excellent! Saved the day at workExcellent! Saved the day at work. I couldn't believe it! Ordered my normal size. Fit snug. But I'm glad! Washed and dried great. Can't wait to order more.

By Gracie

Color: Black|Size: Medium|Verified Purchase
Works great to prevent awkward moments or if caught unaware.

5. out of 5 stars ByAmazon shopper

They work! because these are awesome.

By Valerie 

I've already ordered another pair, because these are awesome.
Excellent Product!

By R. Striepe 

Excellent product!! I bought these for my daughter and myself and we absolutely love them! And they are comfortable!!

By debduzthat 

I never write reviews but I had to for this product. Unlike other period panties that I have tried, these are not bulky. They feel just like regular underpants and are very comfortable.So I was on the airplane the other day, returning home from California. I put on the period panties because I thought that I may be getting my period. I did end up getting my period on the plane but NOTHING WENT THROUGH to my pants. I was wearing WHITE capri pants and they were totally fine.