Interview with Grace SooHoo: CEO of Simple Necessit-Ease

Simple Necessit-EASE prides itself on marketing products that EASE the minds of millions of females. We have created a new nichin the feminine hygiene industry.
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BFF Period Undies from Necessit-ease.com

It’s something every woman dreads, “that time of the month”. Now there’s a new solution in underwear that helps makes this dreadful week more comfortable. For myself personally, I have a very heavy menstrual flow thanks to endometrosis and my periods are a nightmare every month. From painful cramps, headaches, mood swings and of course those dreaded “leaks” the monthly thing is something I don’t enjoy.
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Simple Necessit-ease BFF Period Undies Review

A few months back, I was contacted by Grace from Simple Necessit-ease. I was sent a pair of their new BFF Period Undies to review. When I saw the website I was really excited about trying these out because they were such a unique product. I haven't seen any other product like this.
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Simple Necessit-Ease Undies Will Waterproof Your Period

Ladies, you thought your underwear was doing its job — keeping your precious lady bits in place, modestly covered and safe from the elements. But you were wrong! You need underwear that does more, more, more! Especially when you’re on your period. May we suggest Simple Necessit-Ease undies?
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Bonnie, Martinsburg, WV said...

Thank you for the wonderful product. This will make our 7th and 8th pair...my grand daughter just could not live without them!

Lorene, Katy, TX said...

I ordered some of these for my teenage daughter last year, and she loves them so I'm ordering more!

Judith Capreol, ON Canada said...

I found these in Calgary, Alberta and they did not have my size so here I am thanks so much.

Brenda, Ontario, Canada said...

I have searched for this type of underwear for a number of years, Finally I will have the protection I need. Thanks!

Tracy, San Diego, CA said...

I was at an important meeting, I had my period and my sanitary pad was failing at the worst possible time. At the end of the meeting I was relieved to see that my period undie saved me from what could have been a humiliating situation.

Brittany, New York, NY said...

My Period Undie is so comfortable I wear it when I think I’m about to get my period.

Reviews posted on Amazon.com

By Kindle Customer on March 27, 2016

They are cotton, aside from the lining, so they're soft to the touch.

Works Great!
By Alesya Casse on February 20, 2017

Ordered last spring. Works GREAT. I use them on my heaviest day- no pad, just tampons- and have been saved again and again by these! Don't fall for the hype and pay a ton. These work great!

Comfortable back-up period panties
By Selkie on February 10, 2017

I need these due to unpredictable and often heavy periods. They have saved my clothes and sheets. I wish they had coverage in the front, but overall they are the most comfortable period panties I have found. I have several pair! They are meant as back-up and work well as back-up. If you rinse immediately, blood will come out, but if you don't get the chance to, it will stain (and never wash out). I discovered that the hard way with some tan undies. I pretty much use only black period undies now. They seem to hold up well in washing machine and dryer.

Comfortable and functional
By Anthony Schmitt on November 14, 2016

Comfortable and functional. They are great for "Questionable" days. I ordered one pair to try and I'm back to buy more. (Wife of account holder)

By mara dolan on August 10, 2016

These are amazing. I poured water over it to see if it really worked, and it does! I totally recommend these!

Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on August 7, 2016

Excellent product! I will definitely buy more!!

Five Stars
By elizabeth on July 23, 2016

They work great!!! Very comfortable.

I absolutely love them. They pretty much feel like normal underwear.
By None Ya on July 15, 2016

I’ve worn them three cycles now on my heaviest day - sleeping, working, running errands, etc and not had a leak. I was shocked. I absolutely love them. They pretty much feel like normal underwear. I will say that while I do enjoy 'free-bleeding', I also don't like sitting in a puddle, so I when I use the restroom, I wipe the blood off. But I do wear one pair all night for sleeping or most of the day working, and they're amazing! Buying more now actually :) I will say, buy two sizes up. I usually wear a med/large, and the large was a bit tight around the leg holes.

By Angelu Nguyen on June 14, 2016

Love it when I wake up and my sheet is clean, no blood stain at all. It is just a bit thicker than normal panties, and I wear it WITH pads, and it works

Need More!
By Melissa on June 4, 2016

How did I not know about these sooner? I can only guess it's because people don't talk about the subject often... These are perfect during that time when you feel a little unsure of how things down there are holding up. I recently ran a long trail race with them and nothing else since I was going to be in water and not near a bathroom and they worked perfectly even on a heavy day!

Five Stars
By PAon May 26, 2016

Helped out a lot and saved a beach vacation

I absolutely love this product
By Amazon Customer on February 22, 2016

I absolutely love this product!!! I don't know what my time of the month would be without it. Every time I think I'm about to get it I wear it and it makes me less worried about staining my pants or my favorite underwear. I would recommend it to anyone because this product is essential to every women!!!

Love this brand
By Dolores O. on February 19, 2016

Love this brand! This underwear is a great added layer of protection. This type of product to help be sure there are no leaks is perfect for women of any age!

Great quality product
By Amazon Customer on February 22, 2016

My daughter and I purchased the underwear to try to avoid leakage of very heavy periods. This product works. It protects your clothes; blood doesn't get past the panty. It has saved us from embarrassment on a number of occasions. Great quality product. Highly recommend to all women and teens.

Saved by my underwear
By Adriann on February 20, 2016

Love, love, love these underwear-wore them to go visit colleges with my oldest, grabbed them and put them on almost as an afterthought as I was getting dressed, thought maybe my period was coming but in the excitement of the day didn't put on a panty liner. Rode in the car for four hours, walked around campus, ate lunch, finally visited the bathroom-Surprise! what a huge, insane mess. I know they aren't supposed to be worn without any other protection but I can tell you that nothing, and I mean nothing, leaked through. I asked some ladies in the restroom if anyone had a tampon or pad, lucky for me someone did, put the pad on top of the unholy mess, rode in the car on the way home, when I washed them out (did do them first by hand) all the stains came out. My pair were powder blue, have used them every month, they wash well, they look good, and I didn't mortify my son (or myself) with any embarrassing stains on my khaki pants. I highly recommend them and have bought some for my daughters and my nieces-no embarrassing moments for them in school! (And his university of choice is in the middle of the boonies, so going out to find another pair of undies wasn't exactly an option. Just FYI for anyone who was wondering why I had to wear them home.)