Get to Know Our Leak-Proof Technology


When you have your period, you want to know that, above all else, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing leaks. This is why BFF Period Undies has developed the ideal solution — panty leak protection technology (PLP). Today we will address some of the specific aspects of our technology so that you have a better understanding of exactly how our period undies can provide the protection and confidence you need.

At BFF Period Undies, we offer a variety of product styles and cuts to provide the protection you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to browse our site, and order the leak-proof undies you need to have a happy period.

What PLP Technology Offers

Our PLP technology is an ultra-thin, breathable layer of poly-coated fabric that is fused right into our cotton/spandex blend in the center and rear panels. This design not only gives you the most secure coverage, but it also feels soft and comfortable against your skin. Moisture is trapped between the soft cotton layers, which provides you with relaxed protection.

Benefits of PLP

There has been some confusion about exactly what polyurethane (PUL) fabric is. Polyurethane is a waterproof fabric that can be a polyester, cotton, or polyblend material. It is lightweight, extremely durable, and used in a variety of applications, including medical, diapers, and activewear. In fact, it has been used in the medical industry for many years due to a number of unique characteristics. PUL fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and designed to retain their shape through a minimum of 100 washes. This technology allows the material to be flexible, waterproof, and strong.

Benefits of PUL Fabric

PUL fabric is extremely durable and blocks moisture, which means that not only will you be dry and comfortable during your period, but any stains that may occur can easily be removed with soap and a warm, wet sponge. At BFF Period Undies, we make sure to include wash and care instructions with all of our products so that you have easy access to the directions when you need them.

PUL Fabric Is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other similar materials that contain chloride and are not biodegradable, polyurethane fabrics use no solvents, which means they don’t produce harmful toxins. Due to the strength of the material, it can withstand heat and moisture, which means that waste is reduced since your period undies can be used for a much longer span of time than underwear made from other materials.

PLP Technology Helps Alleviate Anxiety

Many young girls experience anxiety when they have to go to school with their periods. In fact, there are a number of girls and young women who prefer to miss school or work due to their periods. There are a number of unpleasant factors that can accompany periods, including cramps, bloating, nausea, and more. For some, the thought of being in public and possibly experiencing an embarrassing leak is enough for them to choose to stay home.

At BFF Period Undies, we feel that young girls and women should not have to miss out on anything simply because of their periods. This is why we created our period undies to offer the leak-proof technology that would provide superior protection against any leaks. Designed to be worn with a tampon or pad, they provide a second layer of protection so that you don’t have to worry, even on your heaviest days. 

Adolescence and Social Pressures

Most girls get their first period around the age of 12, but can start anytime between the ages of 10 and 15. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to speak with your daughter about the changes her body will be going through before they happen. Even if you have had numerous conversations with her, you may find that she is still very anxious about going to school while she is having her period. Part of the reason for her anxiety is her heightened awareness of her peers and their perception of her. Make sure to let her know that, despite what she thinks, absolutely no one can tell when she is menstruating.

You can reassure her that the products you have bought for her combined with her period underwear will help to ensure that she will not experience any embarrassing accidents. Take time to highlight what PUL fabric is and how it is the core of our PLP technology that provides superior, leak-proof protection.

Share Personal Experiences

One thing that your daughter may find helpful is hearing stories of your own experiences as a teenager. Hearing some of the thoughts and feelings you experienced at her age can provide encouragement and reassurance for her. Perhaps she is feeling anxious about what it means to grow up and not be a child anymore. Maybe she is excited to feel like she is becoming a young woman. No matter what her reactions are to this change, it’s important to reassure her that everything she is feeling is normal.

Make a Period Kit

Even as an adult, you probably know that you can’t always predict exactly when your period will start. Keeping this in mind, you can help alleviate any concerns or fears your daughter might have by making a period kit with her. Purchase a small zippered pouch and fill it with several teen-size pads, a pair of BFF period undies, and some over-the-counter pain medication. Have her keep the pouch with her at all times, as it will simply look like a pencil pouch, and let her know that if her period starts unexpectedly, she can simply wrap up her underwear in some toilet paper and throw it away.

Menstruation is a part of life, but it shouldn’t have to be an embarrassing part. Make sure to order the leak-proof undies that you need from BFF Period Undies, because every girl should always feel BEAUTIFUL-FABULOUS-FEARLESS, and enjoy every day of the month!

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