How to Manage Your Period in School

Many schools are requiring students to carry clear or mesh backpacks for their safety as a result of school shootings and the push for increased safety measures. Additionally, some schools are banning the use of lockers, opting instead for hooks or cubbies that students can use to store backpacks. While these are steps that may help to make schools safer, they can also increase the difficulty of packing your supplies in a private manner. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some steps you can take to survive the school year without embarrassment.

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1. Carry a Separate Purse

While your school may require you to use a clear backpack, you should be sure to find out if they will allow you to carry a small purse or handbag. Many schools allow this, which would make it much easier and more private for storing your feminine products. Purchase a wristlet-size bag or pouch that can hold what you need for the day, and can fit inside your clear backpack. This way, when you need to use the restroom, you can simply slip it out of your backpack and have what you need in the palm of your hand.

2. Identify Adults With Supplies

Typically, there will be at least one female teacher or office worker who keeps a stash of feminine products for anyone’s use in the event of an emergency. While you may work to keep track of your cycle, it probably doesn’t always appear or disappear on schedule. This means that you need to be ready with the proper supplies at all times. Despite your best efforts, you have probably experienced an embarrassing situation where your period started before you were ready. In order to reduce your embarrassment and anxiety, make sure to identify any adults who may keep a supply on hand. 

3. Pack a Change of Clothing

We hope you never need to change your clothes while you’re at school, but we know that you’ll feel much better knowing you have a safety net available. Whether or not you’re part of an athletic team, you should be able to pack a gym bag that you can store in your classroom or cubby for the day. Be sure to pack an extra pair of underwear, bottoms, and top so that you are fully prepared in case of an emergency. Additionally, a zippered bag would be ideal for storing your soiled clothing until you can get home.

4. Period Underwear

At BFF Period Undies, we create unique period underwear that is meant to be worn with a tampon, pad, or liner, and act as your backup protection plan. We design our underwear with your comfort and protection in mind. Our PLP (panty leak protection) technology is placed between two, soft cotton layers to provide a breathable layer of leak-proof protection.

We hope that the tips we provided today will help you to begin your new school year with confidence when handling your period. Make sure to order the period underwear you need to have comfort and protection each day of your period. Let us help you be beautiful, fabulous, and fearless!

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