How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her Period

Talking to your daughter about her period is probably one of the more uncomfortable conversations that you will have with her. While it may be uncomfortable, it’s crucial that she learns the correct information from you before it happens. In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips for preparing your daughter for her period, as well as some ideas for bringing up the conversation.

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When to Talk About Periods

If you grew up in the era when parents had “the talk” with their children, then you may be dreading reliving that experience when you talk with your own daughter. Rest assured that there are easier ways to do this. Rather than wait until she is about to enter middle school, look for opportunities to talk with her.

Young Children 

For example, if she discovers your stash when she is in kindergarten, then just give her a straightforward answer to her question and then stop. One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is giving their child more information than they wanted or needed at the time. Make sure the answers you provide are honest and age-appropriate. When she seems satisfied with your answer and is ready to move to another topic, that is your sign to stop talking about this for the time being.

Early School Age 

Sometimes your child might not provide the opening to a conversation that you were hoping for. If you feel that it’s time to talk a little bit more with them, then look for natural opportunities to start talking about periods. For example, if you’re in the store buying pads or tampons, that would be a very normal way to ask if they know what they are for. If your child asks you where babies come from, then obviously that’s another conversation starter. Always remember to keep the information that you provide age-appropriate — you can always give more information later.

Tween-age Children

The average girl starts her period at 12 years of age. While this is the average age, there are girls who start as young as 9 and as late as 15. Due to this age range, it’s important to make sure that you give them the information they need about their bodies before they actually need it. Provide the reassurance they need that every girl will go through this change, and that while it’s not pleasant, it’s normal.

Let them know that both you and they can have peace of mind that they won’t have to experience traumatic accidents at school because you’ll provide period underwear for them. BFF Period Undies are designed to work with the sanitary products that your daughter is using, not as a replacement. The benefit for her is that if the products allow any leaks to happen, the underwear will shield it so that she doesn’t have to worry about leaks getting through to her clothes.

Helping your daughter move through the changes of puberty isn’t easy, but we are here to help you and her with our leak-proof underwear. Shop our store to order products that provide the peace of mind you need.

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