Why Exercising On Your Period is Excellent for You

When you’re on your period, nothing sounds better than a pint of ice cream, a cozy blanket, and your favorite romcom--right? But you might be surprised to learn that a workout might be what you need to feel better.

Exercising when you’re on your period is linked to several health benefits and can help you feel better physically and mentally. Among the many advantages of doing so, here are a few major ones:

Exercise gets the blood flowing and minimizes cramps

While there’s no end to the suggestions, tricks, and remedies recommended to minimize cramps, exercise remains one of the best. This is because movement helps improve blood circulation and gets your muscles working, which helps minimize the intensity and presence of cramps. You’ll feel more comfortable as you stretch, move, and allow your body to decompress.

It releases endorphins that make you feel good

Exercising on your period releases endorphins that make you feel great. These happy hormones minimize the impact that a period has on your mood and emotional state, helping stabilize your mood. You’ll feel better emotionally and mentally and feel a greater sense of satisfaction on the whole.

Endorphins also help calm down much of the anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions that a period can bring on, allowing you to feel a lot calmer on the whole. Something as simple as a stretch or walk can put your mind at ease and help you manage your emotions.

A woman performs a plank while working out at the beach.

You can decrease your workout intensity but still feel great

Just because you’re exercising on your period doesn’t mean you need to lift heavy and get intense. You can still feel great while performing milder, more moderate exercises such as yoga, stretches, light weight training, gentle core work, and breathing exercises. Go for a walk instead of your usual run, or swim instead of hardcore cardio. Any movement is good for you.

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